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Even when it is full of positive qualities, this Tropical identity is essentially selfish, and has always to be directed or monitored by higher levels of the will.

The formula is as follows:. Many of one's most deeply-held principles are found here, in what amounts to a personal belief-system and may even extend to an enduring self-image. As it is older and more central to the consciousness than the Tropical, this is bound to be true for much of the life, until the new experiences begin to lay down their own deep patterns in the self's core, adding to all that has gone before. There is less freedom of will at this level - it is conditioned by the commitments made by the soul prior to the incarnation, which must not be neglected.

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This involves the more important relationships - between souls who have come back together to resolve old issues or do particular work together. Contacts between the Draconic charts will show the bonds and the kind of work to be done. However, the nodal starting point of this zodiac is still a mystery, and only by much careful research has the Synetic Vernal Point SVP been established the degree in the Sidereal Zodiac at which the Tropical Spring Equinox is found at a given epoch.

This point is listed in the "Phenomena" section in the Michelsen and Rosicrucian ephemerides. Having worked to fine tolerances with this, the Fagan-Bradley version of the SVP, I am personally persuaded that it yields the correct Sidereal positions. The Sidereal chart and its alignments appear once again to describe the new self - but this is a greater self, no longer ego-centred in the manner of the Tropical but one that takes its identity from the role it plays in the socio-cultural whole, for which it may be remembered, even in some cases revered. Generally this is an unselfish level of selfhood, and freedom of the will is only exercised as far as it does not interfere with the person's current duty as a member of the human family.

It can be seen from this how vital it is to live consciously - and conscientiously - at all levels of our being, even when one of the several identities is bound to predominate for much of the time. It is worth remembering that nowadays the GS planets and angles are mostly a sign behind the GT positions, so to assume that all Aries and Scorpio men, for example, are ideally suited to military life or other areas of challenge or leadership is quite, quite wrong.

This is why most tests of astrology and vocation fail so miserably and, alas, so publically as a rule! These days, the iron hand almost always comes in a velvet glove Synastry between people who work together or who are thrown together by events, should always include the Sidereal; and it is essential in work on Mundane astrology, especially events and individuals of historic significance.

This is not the same thing as a sunrise chart; the overall feeling from this pattern is that of the unconditioned person, the spontaneous child, the self at its most free It is fascinating to compare this chart with the actual childhood behaviours of the individual - and to see where they arise in adulthood! It must be pointed out that at all these Radix levels the geometry between the planets and angles remains the same; all aspects and midpoints remain the same, describing the fundamental dynamics in the psyche that run through all shifts of identity, all changes of experiential context.

This is one of the most personal of all the zodiacs, and on investigation seems to show what the person actually wants - not what they feel moved to do GT or driven to do DR or obliged to do GS. It adds detail to the picture painted by the Houses, of the main action taking place in chosen corners of life's stage. In practice, these choices vary very little throughout life, though they may express themselves in a variety of ways. Once a fifth-house person, always a fifth-house person!

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It is a pattern of blessings and curses on our lives over which the ego has little or no control, having no option but to accept and come to terms with it. It really sems to be our good and bad luck. But there is more to it than simple fate, because the hard aspects in this dimension also describe with painful accuracy our deepest flaws, and the easy aspects do match the parts of our nature that are problem-free and parts of our lives that always seem to work out well - often enviably so.

Some of the flaws appear to be areas of inadequacy which reflect a lack of development and a need for experience and training; some are blocks which prevent us from being as kind and considerate as we could be; some are vicious corners of the psyche where old jealousies, fears and hatreds are still alive and well and sowing our lives and all other lives we touch with the bitter seed of violence.

Some flaws are the remains of ancient greed for attention or power or sensual pleasure. What seems to happen to many people is that they behave so badly that in the end they are brought sharply face to face with their faults, and are so shocked and remorseful that they try very hard from then onwards to become a far better person. Once this will to change is registered in the deep heart of the spiritual conscience, the eternal Self which is most closely approached by the Heliocentric chart, the hard patterns cannot manifest any longer as sins.

Instead, they are channelled into our lives as illnesses, disabilities or other personal problems that are as difficult to escape as that old self once was.

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This would seem to be the price we pay for our refusal to love. With the acceptance of Love, at last, and the hope of spiritual healing, material suffering must also be endured. The only relief from this is the act of Grace, an answer to prayer; and for many this will never come during the lifetime.

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Only when the body and the material world are cast away in death may the spirit at last spring clean and free from its self-made prison. It is necessary to add that some relatively unblemished souls may incarnate with difficult helio patterns to work with as a voluntary challenge, a willed burden that may either be needed to provide others with the opportunity to grow through help and caring, or to lift some of the karmic weight from the world.

The issues in the Helio chart are very important, and central to our basic viability and vitality as whole beings; they do tend to marry with our fundamental physiological makeup with which the personality is supported or hampered. Therefore it is crucial not to make hasty moral judgments, but explore the physical and attitudinal issues here with discernment, honesty and care.

I do believe however that at the Heliocentric level, we can "know ourselves as we are known"; deep in the heart of our own spiritual truth, we are under the gaze of God. The dimension from which such an axial contact comes, shows the area of self that is making itself felt.


A study of violent criminals has turned out to be most interesting in this respect, as time after time clusters of "malign" planets collected around angles; yet different levels would be emphasised, showing how one man could have chosen to live a better life GT , another was making a mess of his karma GD , one needed to be remembered no matter what the cost GS , another was driven by his fate to face the awful darkness in his soul HT.

Aries starts with Aries and ends with Pisces, but Taurus starts with Taurus and ends with Aries, Capricorn starts with Capricorn and ends with Sagittarius, and so on. For example, musical asteroids in the charts of singers, composers and other players are always very strongly placed, and in the charts of comedians and humorists the asteroid HILARITAS combines dramatically with the Lights and Angles. The Dwad seems to show us the idea behind the form - it is often less obvious, less immediate, but on closer acquaintance it introduces us to the deeper, subtler but far more specific characteristics of the person or the phenomenon.

The real self emerges to add depth and detail to the broader picture given by the radix, in any and all of the Dimensions. To study any chart without adding the Dwad is to risk generalising at the expense of necessary accuracy.

The more refined and particular you can make your analysis, the more relavant it is going to be - and the more testable, in this critical age. It will be appreciated that reasonable accuracy is needed for Dwad work; to study the Superdwad, time and place must be very close to exact, otherwise error-free work is impossible. If you can work to decimal minutes, this will be improved ten-fold. Or someone with the North Node in the 10th is innately drawn towards nesting, and attached to her past and family South Node in the 4th.

The North Node in the 10th suggests that she should struggle to establish her social and professional position, but without losing her ability to take care and nurture her family in doing so. Both Nodes need each other to maintain a balance. Many sites such as astro. The North Node can be determined in two ways: Mean or True, the main difference being that while Mean is always retrograde, True is direct a few days each month. To figure out Mean, the Node's rate of motion is averaged out, while True takes into account the position of the Node after correction for the alterations that the gravitational forces of Sun and Moon cause in its path.

The result is very similar in both cases and they are never more than a few degrees away from each other. There is no agreement among astrologers as to which is better to use in chart analysis.

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For example, in the article that has already been mentioned, Rudhyar advocates the use of the Mean Node. In his own words: " To calculate the draconic chart, the position of the North Node is subtracted from the location of each planet and house cusp.


This same procedure is used for the rest of the planets and house cusps. In the resulting chart the shape of the chart does not change because tropical house placements and aspects remain the same. These will have different signs and degrees but the same house positions as in the tropical. A Moon emplaced in the tropical 8th square Saturn will still be in the same position and aspect in the draconic.

This chart coexists with the tropical one, complementing it, so it's better to approach them together. Special attention should be payed to conjunctions and oppositions between tropical and draconic planets using an orb of 5 degrees. These links make available more subliminal aspects of our personality which come up by means of the conscious traits represented by the tropical planets and angles. Take as an example a woman with a Sun in Cancer who feels that although she can identify with the importance of protecting and nurturing her family, this is not enough to make her feel fulfilled.

Her draconic Sun is in Aquarius, so one could say that although her immediate environment will always be crucial, there's an inner force that compels her to get involved with groups, or activities related to social issues or modern technological developments. A great way of combining both could be by working with children or women at risk, or living in extreme environments. Another possibility, always depending on the rest of the chart, could be by growing food and plants in a community center and applying innovative techniques to the process.

Or by developing an app to help women tackle issues related to feeding their families.

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On combining both charts, the houses overlap. A way of reading this would be by considering the draconic house as the internal, emotional layer. Special attention should be paid to the draconic house that coincides with the tropical 12th or vice versa, this is an area that will involve hardship that presents itself through fated events.

It was reflecting on the base of an image of Goddess Kuan Yin. The light was shining at her feet. I got up to take a closer look and was astonished to see that she was standing on the neck ofof a Dragon! Sometime where Destiny comes to Play.