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Some interesting dreams regarding your working plan might arise today but it seems that despite you wanting to tackle those on your own, it would be best to involve friends or c More Taurus November 12 When you mean business you mean business and little things can't stop you.

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It isn't like you enjoy going ahead and disregarding the decisions of others but when you consider it More Taurus November 13 The current disposition doesn't necessarily bring you any unexpected events or something to pump up your energy levels but it seems that this is what most of you would want from More Taurus November 14 There might be some last minute changes occurring this Thursday that have great chances to get on your nerves no matter how sweet your disposition might be till that moment.

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Look at the November 11 zodiac personality! Taurus Horoscope yesterday November 11 It's a time for getting things out into the open, but it's also a good idea to exercise some self-control with your discoveries. With work and routines today, you're particularly on the ball, ready to do something different or new.

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Horoscope Overview for November for Taurus:. November can find you mainly focused on your relationships and gaining a different perspective on your life, dear Taurus. You're in great shape for finding balance.

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There's a Mercury retrograde in the first three weeks of the month, and this can point to some backtracking, or you could be waiting for an answer before moving a matter forward. While you're in limbo, you can certainly enjoy yourself, however. People in your life may be having more dramas than usual, and you're often drawn right in! There can be a growing focus on support, finances, and shared talents or resources as the month advances. Intimate relationships can get a big boost, or you're invested in connecting with your deeper desires and ambitions, and it feels great to get to know yourself better.

Jupiter is on the last leg of its transit through your intimacy sector, and your ruler, Venus, meets up with this benevolent planet on the , suggesting a nice boost, whether financial or emotional.

You might enjoy a special relationship or passion project now--either way, you're feeling wonderfully connected and motivated. While new beginnings are on the horizon, some backtracking is likely now. With Mercury retrograde until the 20th, others may not always come through for you in the usual ways, but there can be new ways of connecting to discover. This period is more about accepting and enjoying people than making big moves.

You're in good shape for bringing more balance to your life through special attention to both spiritual and material pursuits. You get a real sense that as you build your skills and attend to your practical affairs, you'll connect with people or causes that inspire and encourage you. You may be learning useful skills that move you closer to your goals.

You may gain new insight into old issues, particularly around the You're likely to look at something or someone from the past in a new way. The Full Moon in your sign also happens during this window. It can be a time of a big epiphany--you're getting things out into the open, but consider that there is likely more to the story. Feelings of being confined or restricted from expressing yourself can reach a head this month.

Mars moving into opposition with your sign from the 19th forward means that buried frustrations in your relationships can surface. November is also a time for facing fears and breaking through taboos. You can experience a real sense of joy through intimacy with someone special, or experience an emotional breakthrough of your own. You or a partner may receive a financial boost.

Daily Horoscope February 8, 2017: Taurus

There can be a release from a private burden or a debilitating secret. Let in the positive energy now, and make room for new opportunities. Jupiter will move into harmony with your sign for about a year, starting in early December, and it can be the start of a particularly balanced period of your life.


Taurus Horoscope For Tuesday, November 12,

Promotional activities, counseling, and financial dealings can be successful in November. In the last week of the month, you might hear from a friend after a long absence or pick up an old project and begin reworking it. While battles of those born on the 8th of February rage on and create a strong ripple in their emotional world, we will see that their only goal in this life is to find self-respect as a result of emotional acceptance. Their mission hides in their personality, acknowledgement, and the way they can shine in the real world, leading others towards self-awareness and a healthy ego.

A deep change they need to go through won't be easy, and most of them will find to be different from their family, their genetics and any ties to the past they have grown up in. Happiness in love hides beyond personal growth in the world of those born on the 8th of February, and their relationships could be true emotional rollercoasters until they learn who they are and how their differences can be used for the greater good. Since the challenge of understanding between them and other people is at work here, they will always have emotions to share, and be involved with people with unclear boundaries that might hurt them and show to be dishonest in some way.

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  8. Only as they get to know their own personality with all its strengths and weaknesses, will they progress to relationships that bring fulfillment and stay on a safe distance filled with mutual respect. It is not their goal to find someone to merge into one with, but to find someone who can be complete without them, to create a truly functional bond where both partners are self-sufficient, in love and happy.

    The first part of their life will usually point them in a direction that allows them to help those that were bruised, or send them on a chase for goals of their parents. This is an unconscious need to move on in a certain direction, in a pace given to them by other people. As they grow older, they will start to discover their true talents. They will excel in sports, active workplaces, and environments that allow them to interact with people openly and freely. In time, they become successful managers, leaders, and public figures that have something to share with the world.

    Taurus: Your daily horoscope - November 12

    Guided by a powerful Martian energy that needs to relate to their hearts, individuals born on the 8th of February need something for kundalini awakening and the best stone to support them is Stichtite. It is a crystal with a profoundly loving vibration that is used to heal emotional matters that are unresolved and find forgiveness. As a very protective stone, it will create a shield around them that will protect them from negativity and leave enough room for them to deal with matters of the past they need to heal.

    A birthday present for a person born on February 8th is always tricky to find, simply because they wish to be more serious or less sensitive than they really are. More often than not, their passion will burn a bit too brightly, but they need time to learn that it is a gentle approach that will keep it functional and calm.