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Two Dividing Methods for the Zodiac Year

Chinese Astrology Signs are based on the year that a person is born, with each of the twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs being represented by a particular animal. Chinese astrology that the animal ruling. Eastern Chinese people consider that each Animal Sign embodies its Animal's characteristics, which are instilled within the people born that are born within that year.

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What important role does the Chinese zodiac play in Chinese culture? Today , the Chinese Zodiac constitutes as a significant part of the traditional Chinese culture. At festive events paper-cut and New-Year pictures of the Chinese Zodiac are popular among the Chinese people. The Chinese. Zodiac plays a part within people's religious beliefs in China. The 12 animals are divided into two categories of Yin and Yang, which are the underlying principles of Chinese philosophy and medicine by ancient Chinese people in accordance with the Five Elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Within Chinese astrology, it is considered that when a person comes to their attributed year, which is decided by the year when they were born, they must wear a red belt to pursue good fortune and avoid bad luck. But differences between yin and yang exist within yourself, between your friends and family, and even cross-culturally. Those natures are dynamic, and recognizing that people are driven by different natures allows you room to negotiate, compromise, embrace, and transfer information within yourself and between yourself and others.

Rat Horoscope 2019 - Born 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

How lucky is that? Updated April 26, Fang, Tony.

12 Zodiac Signs

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Continue Reading. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using LiveAbout, you accept our. What you make of your good fortune at birth will depend on your own efforts. There will be obstacles that can stand in your way and unless you can overcome this lack of recognition luck, by middle age, you will be exhausted.

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Also, if you are of the male gender, it is likely you will have more than one wife. Women will find you irresistible. You will be blessed if you have a good attitude and a pure motivation. Each time you travel, you will meet with a person of high standing who will help and assist you.

You will benefit by going overseas to study or to work. You will also have the help of your siblings, especially your brothers. You are blessed with many genuine friends. They are people who excel in their career and their study and their presence in your life will inspire you to be ambitious. Happiness brings good fortune, so you must develop a happy disposition and be smiling at all times.

Your sons and grandsons will bring you much happiness and contentment, so you have quite outstanding descendants luck. Those with this birth situation will benefit if they get married at a young age and start a family in their twenties. Those who have this birth situation should rejoice and never feel discouraged, as their success when they are older will more than make up for setbacks they may experience in their early years.

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If you are ambitious and have the determination to succeed, you can reach great heights professionally. Even if you do not reach the top, you will nevertheless be content with what you have. Therein lies the secret of your happiness. Your spouse will be a well respected person who comes from a highly regarded family background.

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  8. You will have luxury in your life with enough food and clothes. You will be especially successful in your old age, when you have passed your 60th birthday. You will have some problems and setbacks during your growing-up and early career years, but you will enjoy good luck in later life. A great deal of your luck will be brought to you by your spouse and then by your sons and grandsons. And you have the luck to enjoy this lifestyle, as there is both prosperity and longevity in your life.

    It is however important for you to undertake some charitable work or donate to charity during your middle-aged years. This will bring you even more good fortune. You have the luck to grow old with someone you care for and love. It is incredibly vital for you to do charity and devote some time to caring for others.